Snap Cheats with Overlay Support

In November 2017, Google changed their policies about apps that use screen overlays without warning or explanation. As a result, we replaced the overlay with a notification in the Google Play version of Snap Cheats. As using an overlay to show your selected word directly on the gameboard has been one of the most beloved features of Snap Cheats for years, we have committed to maintain a version of Snap Cheats with the overlay for download on this website.

Getting the overlay version of Snap Cheats is easy:

  1. Make sure your phone is ready to sideload apps. Click here to read about sideloading.
  2. Tap on the latest version of Snap Cheats below to download it, then tap the completed download notification.
  3. Follow the prompts to install Snap Cheats.

Some versions of the Chrome browser on Android can't open APK files. This is a bug. You can instead open the downloaded APK file from your phone's file browser.


Snap Cheats WWF (Android) v2.2.0

Improved support for Words With Friends 2, especially for Samsung phones and tablets.

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